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The following is a collection of software, images, and documents that I think might be of interest to others. Unless otherwise indicated explicitly in the file, all items are distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2, familiarly known as the GPL.

ElecVote2.xls (v1.50 11/4/2012; 745kb)

2012 "Election Night" Presidential Electoral Vote scenario tracker. Initially based on work posted at, but completely re-architected with a different interface and calculation approach. Compatible with all standard versions of LibreOffice Calc, Open Office Calc, and MS Excel. (rev 1.00; 39k)

An old port of the original FORTRAN Adventure (aka "Colossal Cave") game for Multivalue / Pick-like systems. Full source code and all supporting files included. Simply unzip and load everything into a file named ADVENT.BP; auto-install instructions are in the README.1ST file.

Yahoo Groups Moderator Tools
The following three PHP scripts might be useful for those who moderate/manage large Yahoo groups. They allow bulk/automated retrieval (download) or deletion (removal) of messages within a Yahoo group (assuming you have sufficient privileges to do so). Written originally for the FreecycleSeattle group, which has 27,000+ members and traffic of 2500-3000 msgs/month.

You will need to know PHP a (very) little bit to be able to modify for your particular group name and moderator login. Tested so far and working under OS X, Linux, and FreeBSD as of spring 2013. Probably will work under any standard Unix. All require PHP and curl.
PHP script to perform automated/bulk retrieval/download of Yahoo Groups messages by message number range. (v0.2, 3kb)
PHP script to perform automated/bulk deletion/removal of Yahoo Groups messages by message number range. Prompts for an optional "skip string" to inhibit the deletion of messages containing that string in the message subject or body. (v0.2, 3kb)
Demonstration, proof-of-concept PHP script to retrieve and display a Yahoo "magic cookie" value that can be used in other automated scripts to access a particular group for a particular login. (Note the above two scripts already do this, internally.) (v0.2, 2kb)